About Us

The IHTC program’s priority is to maximize student learning by setting high academic standards, increasing academic achievement, and developing our students’ learning skills by initiating responsible strategies to prepare students for the world of tomorrow.
International Health Training Center is a dynamic, diverse learning community that supports all students in their education, leading to a career, and the pursuit of life-long learning. Faculty and staff are committed to student success and strive to offer accessible, and innovative, programs with comprehensive support services to prepare students for membership in a global society.
To bring this vision to fruition, our objective is to promote student achievement and academic rigor for career, and higher education readiness by fostering educational excellence. To fulfill this mission, we will:

  • Provide a cooperative and collaborative educational environment that encourages participation in the community to help students achieve their highest potential and become life-long learners.
  • Eliminate barriers to academic and personal success by delivering the necessary wrap-around support services, including individual counseling and necessary community referrals, for additional support.
  • Offer the necessary components for academic success that include small class sizes, tutoring, academic advising, flexible, and part-time class schedules, and a challenging curriculum.

International Health Training Center believes that for us to attain our mission we must produce graduates who:

  1. Are well prepared, and proficient in all academic disciplines.
  2. Know how to utilize resources including technology to find, analyze, and evaluate information.
  3. Have the skills to question, solve problems, and make wise decisions.